Friday, September 24, 2010

The Beginning

In this post I shall summarize the first 3 weeks of growing a mustache.

Week 1: This was not my first attempt at facial hair. I've tried to grow a goatee a couple of times, and while i do like it for about a week or so....after that it just looks like chin pubes. I have come to find that girls don't really like pubes in general, especially if they are on your chin. Unfortunately I cannot grow a beard at all. Hair only comes  in on my chin, upper lip, and neck. Yes, I can grow a sweet neckbeard.

So the initial week was kinda shitty.  I just started to look kinda like a homeless mexcian...and i'm not hispanic. People at work would make fun of me and my boss told me I needed to clean up my appearance. I explained to him that i was attempting to grow a mustache, and considering he had a mustache himself, I figured he would sympathize. He just laughed and told me I didn't look like I had potential. This scared me, but I was determined.


  1. fuckyeah mustaches. I rock one. they look shitty at first but they get god-tier if you put some work in. YOU MUST PERSEVERE.

  2. I've wanted to have scruff all around for a while, but it's not working for me. I have baby skin :[
    But I won't give up! Unique blog, followed and I'll come back to check up on your mustachioed endeavors.